Re: FTP problems

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 20 May 97 08:39:38 -0700 writes:

>We are ending up with partial FTPed files in the cache, presumably from a
>broken transfer. Once an incomplete file is in the cache there isn't any
>obvious way for a user to cause a reload (is there?), so every time they
>FTP the file they get the incomplete copy from the cache.
>I'm not familiar with the FTP protocol, but I presume it's happening
>because there isn't (always) the ability to determine the file size built
>into the protocol. Is there any way for squid to check the sizes of FTPed

It depends if you are using a parent cache.

If you are getting FTP objects from your parent, then there is
no way for *your* squid to detect an aborted transfer from the
parent (unless the FTP server supports the SIZE command and the
HTTP reply has a content-length header).

But if you don't use a parent cache, then Squid will detect
aborted FTP transfers between Squid and ftpget, and it will
purge the aborted objects from the cache.

Duane W.
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