Re: How to add another HD

From: Eloy A. Paris <>
Date: 23 May 1997 12:30:15 GMT

I re-partitioned my hard disk a couple of weeks ago to make more room
to the /var/spool/squid partition. To keep my current cache contents I
just made a tape backup and the dumped it to the new /var/spool/squid
directory. Cache contents were preserved. You could also copy
the contents of the cache (cp -a /var/spool/squid/* /newsquiddirectory).

Hope this helps.


Ralf Rudolph ( wrote:

: I am currently running squid 1.1.8 under Linux, and it4s been running smooth and fine for weeks now. Next week, I4m going to upgrade the system from 4 to 8 gig by adding another HD (and memory from 96 to 128 Meg).
: BUT: How am I going to add this second HD without loosing my 280 thousand cache entries? Is there some upgrade script or configuration option available? Did I miss something in the docs?
: Currently, I4m using the standard setup regarding the cache directory structure, and I have the data harddisk mounted on a subdir /harddisk1. Next week, there will be another mountpoint /harddisk2, and I4ll have to distribute the files somehow.

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