RE: How to add another HD

From: Zivojnovic Ranko <>
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 16:21:10 +0300

Talking about this feature... Anybody knows anything similar
for FreeBSD?

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From: 	Jason Lixfeld[]
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To: 	Ralf Rudolph
Subject: 	Re: How to add another HD
What you may consider is mdtools.  This is a module that you can install
in the 2.0.XX kernels that supports 'Multiple Devices'.  What this
entails, is 1 or more devices, in your case hard disks ie: /dev/hda3 and
/dev/hdb1 linked together to form one logical device or /dev/md0
partition.  You can install the RAID module aswell, and what this will do,
is distribute the data evenly throughout both devices through the
/dev/md0 partition as opposed to filling up one, and then using the second
device as overflow.  It's an option that I use on my news and proxy
servers here.  Also, this allows you the seemless addition of a total X
number of devices, be them IDE or SCSI to your /dev/md0 partition.  As far
as squid goes, you can mount /dev/md0 /squidcache ; cp -a 
/usr/local/squid/cache/* /squidcache ; ln -s /usr/local/squid/cache
/squidcache and voila.  8gigs of cache space, with the seemless
device addition feature built in! =)
On Fri, 23 May 1997, Ralf Rudolph wrote:
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| >Subject: How to add another HD
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| >Hi there,
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| >I am currently running squid 1.1.8 under Linux, and its been running smooth and fine for weeks now. Next week, Im going to upgrade the system from 4 to 8 gig by adding another HD (and memory from 96 to 128 Meg).
| >
| >BUT: How am I going to add this second HD without loosing my 280 thousand cache entries? Is there some upgrade script or configuration 
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