Re: 2 interfaces and "Ignoring MISS from non-peer"

From: Ernst Heiri <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 08:46:46 +0200

> One of my parents has 2 interfaces. When I configure my Squid to use my
> parent's interface A, I get lots of "ignoring MISS" in cache.log, with
> the interface B IP address. Then a few minutes later, I get a "Detected
> DEAD Parent".
> However, when I configure Squid to use my parent's interface B,
> everything is ok: no "ignoring MISS" and no "Detected DEAD Parent" (at
> least after a few hours).

I guess it may be a DNS configuration problem and a squid
implementation problem?

1. if your proxy sends an ICP request to your parent, it has to ask
   the DNS for its IP-Address. Lets say it gets the IP-Address of
   interface A.
2. the parent really receives the ICP request on interface A, but
3. it replys an UDP_MISS on interface B (with the other IP-address)
4. if your proxy receives the reply from the parent it makes a
   reverse-lookup with the IP-address of interface B and doesn't find
   the host name of the parent (because of an inconsistent DNS configuration).
   So your proxy ignores the MISS from the parent and believes the parent
   is not answering because it is DEAD.

        - check the DNS configuration of your parent so there is correct
          reverse lookup for all interfaces possible.

        - squid could be improved so it replys UDP requests on the
          same interface it got the request.
          (the same way like bind is doing it)

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