Transparent Proxying of FTP traffic..

From: Steve Ollis <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 15:54:48 +1000


I'm trying to settle this question with a colleague, and I'd like a
definitive answer either way. I believe that it can't be done, but I'm a
little unsure about whether SQUID can handle this so...

To transparently proxy http, you can setup a Cisco to redirect all port 80
traffic to a Squid host, that then runs as an Accelerator, and fetches the
request, caching the results.

Can the same be done for FTP? FTP consists of port 21 (control) and port 20

The major differences between FTP and HTTP are:
1) HTTP was designed (?) as a one-shot connection, whereas traditional FTP
        a multi-use connection, with data being returned via a separate Data
        connection (from port 20 on server).

2) HTTP already has a fully qualified URL, or pointer to destination data
        the request. FTP (from a non-browser) does not.

Steve Ollis
Received on Mon Jun 02 1997 - 23:14:40 MDT

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