Squid accelarator for many web servers

From: Kostas Pentikousis <kostas@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 13:34:10 +0300 (EET DST)

Hi to all,
   I have read messages in the digest for a long time, and I think that
people here really help each other. We've already use squid as a
cache-proxy server (incoming traffic) for 8+ months and we find it
   Now we want to use it as an accelarator not for one but for all the
web servers that are running in .foo.gr. Let's say that we have the
      | | | |
----> |Cisco router|--->(HTTP request)--->| Squid |---->www1
      | | | | \-->www2

We want a request to www1 to be passed from the router (gateway of the
whole network) to squid, which will fetch the request from the approriate
web server. We don't want to change the configuration on the web servers
and of course we can't force everyone on the internet to use our
   Can this be done transparentry? Except from the configuration at the
router, what sort of configuration is needed for the squid (except
accel-mode on etc)

Thanks in advance.

Kostas Pentikousis, B.Sc. CS E-mail: kostas@ccf.auth.gr
Network Operation Center Web: www.auth.gr/~kostas
Aristotle University of Phone: +30 31 998417
Thessaloniki Fax: +30 31 998492
Macedonia, GREECE
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