Re: [Squid-Users] bug in 1.NOVM.10 ?

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 12:19:43 +0100

On Tue 3 Jun, 1997, Daryl Collins <> wrote:
>We have the high & low watermarks set to the same value in the hope that
>squid will delete objects as it needs the space rather than loading the
>machine heavily while it deletes a few hundred meg every few days. Is
>this likely to cause such a problem to occur?

actually setting them to exactly the same value is probably a bad

in store.c:storeExpiredReferenceAge(), it makes the following evaluation:

 (store_swap_high - store_swap_size) / (store_swap_high - store_swap_low);

which would then amount to dividing by 0. (Incidentally this then dies
on FreeBSD as it seems to change the values to float somewhere in
order to do the division).

I know that someone suggested doing it, but they were probably lucky
as to what their system evaluates the division by zero to, in this
context. Most come up with 0 or maxint.

-- jrg.
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