Re: What each access log entry means

From: Marc Delisle <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 15:45:01 -0400

pstewart wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if Squid does ftp proxy requests and gopher proxy etc.
> etc... or does it only do httpd proxy?
> We currently have it running on port 3128 but I'd like to proxy ftp
> requests also especially when Netscape and/or MS bring out new browser
> versions and everyone seems to want to ftp it...;->
> If it doesn't proxy other stuff, can anyone recommend packages that work
> as well as Squid does their other things?
> Thanks,
> Paul
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> Out the modem, through the SPARC, down the T3, off the router, past the
> frame-relay... nothing but Net.

From the Squid home page:

Squid offers high performance proxy caching
for Web clients, It supports FTP, Gopher,
and HTTP requests.

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