Re: Finding a Hierarchy

From: Marc Delisle <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 14:24:40 -0400

Jamie Wilson wrote:
> Hi,
> We've just installed squid on our system. Before I get to my question, some
> of you will be interested to know that our users go via a custom written
> proxy that (if requested by the user) will do some particularly advanced
> port/violence/etc filtering, before passing the request on to squid. The
> reason for having squid behind our proxy is due to the fact our proxy
> doesn't do any caching.
> Anyway, now that squid's running, what is an effective method of finding a
> hierarchy of other proxies (ie, siblings, parents - it doesn't have to be a
> 'hierarchy' as such)? Obviously, I am aware of the NLANR project, but how
> do I discover other proxies which may be more useful for me?
> (Sorry if this is a dumb question, but the other caching projects I have
> worked on have had limited options for joining hierarchies, for one reason
> or another)

Check this:

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