Re: Dumb Question No. 1.

From: Michael Fuhr <>
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 08:46:53 -0600

On Jun 8, Robert Thomas wrote:

> This has been asked, and answered before, but, as I never needed to know
> this before, I never took any notice of it. Could someone please
> explain to me how I can extrapolate a squidlog entry, eg,
> 0008afcc 3395a273 fffffffe 3156dd6d 294510
> into an actual location on disk? Tomatoes, jeers, and calling of "Idiot" are
> welcome, as long as they accompany an answer 8-)

I haven't waded through the source code much, but here's how I've
discovered the above translates into a filename beneath the cache

       \||- directory 0C
        |-- subdirectory FC

The filename in this case would be 0C/FC/0008AFCC (note the conversion
to uppercase).

The other values (from storeSwapLog() in swap.c) are:

    3395a273 timestamp
    fffffffe expires
    3156dd6d lastmod
    294510 object_len

The timestamp, expires, and lastmod fields are of type time_t, so
you can convert them into an actual time with localtime(), gmtime(),
ctime(), or anything else that takes a time_t as an argument.

As for the fffffffe (-2) value, you'd have to study the source code
to find its significance.

Corrections and/or additional information is welcome.

Michael Fuhr
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