Re: Squid access.log Messages

From: Samath Wijesundara <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 10:21:02 +0600

At 01:38 PM 6/11/97 +0100, John Sloan wrote:
>On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Samath Wijesundara wrote:
>> >>It explains that
>> >> The object was requested from the origin server
>> >> because the 'source_ping' reply arrived first.
>> >
>> >>But I never see this SOURCE_FASTEST on my log file even when I try to
>> >>access a local (Sri Lankan) site. Do you know why. I have both pinger and
>> >>'query_icmp on' in action too!
>> >
>> >Try debug_options ALL,1 15,6 and look for /neighborsUdpPing/ in your
>> >cache.log. (WARNING: This could make your cache.log grow very large
>> >in a short time) There you can see if source_ping is used or not. If
>> >it is used then your neighbor/parent-caches are faster than your
>> >sources.
>> I can see the /neighborsUdpPing/ in my logfile. I wonder, my local sites
>> which are local to me is faster than the parents. So it should have
>> SOURCE_FASTEST. I am using 2 parents in USA, the fastet RTT is 300ms to
>> these, and my local sites are at maximum 80ms or less. But generally squid
>> get local sites DIRECT, but not SOURCE_FASTEST ?
>Source fastest will only work if the server at the far end has udp echo

John, Thanks,

I am using following at the far end
They are parents and they should have udp echo enabled ??

- Samath
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