Re: no proxy for

From: Martin Ibert <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 08:03:33 +0200

Mervyn Jack wrote:

> Squid doesn't actually tell the
> browser to go get the file directly, which is what is really needed to
> save processor and disk usage.

It can't. How would it? The browser comes knocking on Squid's door
requesting a page. Squid can now either deliver it, or send an error
back. It could in theory return a redirect, but that wouldn't be any
good because redirects are meant to give a new location for that page,
not a new way of retrieving it. Chances are that the browser will be
right back asking for the redirect.

> so an extra directive is what's
> needed.

Yes ... but in the browser config, not in the cache config. If the
browser comes knocking, it is too late to do anything about it.

Either you tell your clients to configure their browsers not to fetch
local pages from the cache ("no proxy for ..."), or you offer them a
automatic proxy configuration URL.

The closest you can come to what you originally wanted is to have your
Squid to refuse to serve local pages to local browsers, sending back an
error page telling them what they did wrong.

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