Re: corrupt cache

From: Ralf Rudolph <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 11:29:41 +0200

>Then we looked in our cache.log and saw a lot of warnings:
>97/06/05 10:42:23| storeSwapInHandle: WARNING: Object size mismatch.
>97/06/05 10:42:23| --> ''
>97/06/05 10:42:23| --> Expecting 5330 bytes from file: /cache/0A/53/0000053A
>97/06/05 10:42:23| --> Only read 2328 bytes

I could also imagine that you might have a hardware problem, like e.g. a corrupt memory module: This can cause disk structures (cached in memory) to be changed in a way that corrupts file contents. We had such a problem on a squid cache and fixed it by changing the memory modules.

Try run a filesystem check when you experience the problem next time. Also watch out for other processes on the machine that produce weired messages.

Another, very very good test is to do a heavy compilation job (e.g. some linux kernel, it doesnīt matter if you really use linux or not) in a loop for two hours, while all other processes are shut off. If somethingīs wrong, the compiler will stop from time to time, displaying some incorrect error messages (your test-loop must halt at any error !!!). In this case, itīs a hardware problem (memory, cpu, maybe thermal problem, ...).

Good luck!

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