Re: Squid user's guide

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 10:43:01 +0200 (GMT)

Hi Bryan

> Your Squid User's guide has the makings of a great resource, even though
> a lot of it still needs to be written.

> Unfortunately, I'm not yet in a position to contribute much (ie,
> anything!) to any of the missing sections. What I can suggest is that
> you indicate on the contents page what has/hasn't been done. And
> perhaps include a last-modified date at the top.
Ok - I will start including a version number - the current version
is 0.4

> It's quite frustrating having to continually check back to see if any of
> those exciting sounding topics have been filled in yet!

I don't work on it continually - I normally spend something like a whole
weekend on it and then put the changes up at once, so there are
a good few new pages - I then post to saying
"there is a new version of the squid document out - version X"... I will
continue to do this...

I will be doing a small amount of work on it this weekend, but will probably
only release a new version the week after next (so I have even more time
to not do any work on it ;) so if people have been thinking about
doing some changes, but haven't yet, this weekend is the time to get going ;)

I will put in little graphics like
on each of the sections that I haven't done from the next version on...
thanks for the suggestion...

> But, keep up the good work! As certain people within IS like to say,
> "Remember, South Africa is 9 hours ahead of the USA" or whatever.
Pity we can't keep up with the Australians :)

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