Problems whith two proxies and hotmail

From: Goncalo Valverde <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 18:34:53 +0200 (MET DST)

 Our users are having problems while trying to connect to
throught our proxies. We are using two proxies both sharing the same FQDN ( but whith two diferent IP adresses. This seemed a good
idea for making some load balancing between our two proxies. But the problem
is that when the users try to read their mail in, most of
the time hotmail complains that the ip address changed, and refuses to
show the mail to the user). If you keep hiting on reload you will eventualy
manage to read the mail, but it tends to be a bit strenous.
 My guess is that they try to authenticate the requests doing a reverse lookup
to But since we implemented it using two diferent ip
addresses sometimes it guets the ip address and others it
gets, and it goes berserk because of that. Well, as i see, the
best way for them to do the autentication would be to parse the Forwarded-For
Header that our proxies are sending, but it seems that they dont thinks its
important enough to do this (they even havent replyied yet to my emails), so
im a bit lost in here. Anyone as any idea as how to detour this naging problem?
(no, going back to one proxy only isnt a solution)

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