Occasional spurious ERR_DNS FAIL?

From: Jonathan Larmour <JLarmour@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 21:19:46 +0100

Occasionally (on order of once a day for my relatively lightly used squid)
I notice DNS failures in cache.log for sites that exist. The access.log
contains the following for the entry:

866650633.054 2181 ERR_DNS_FAIL/400 1150 GET
 - NONE/- -

A refresh brings up the page perfectly fine after the error screen.
Obviously being so rare, debugging is difficult.

This is linux 2.0.30, squid 1.1.10 linked with resolver from BIND 4.9.5-P1,
and also running BIND 8.1-REL as the name server itself, although this
problem also existed in 4.9.5-P1.

Unfortunately I don't know which version of squid this started with, but it
was earlier than 1.1.5. (Sorry, I've been out of the squid scene for quite
a bit).

Does anyone know why this is? Does anyone else have the same problem? I
_think_ it is squid, and not the resolver/name server, but couldn't be
sure. If nothing else, BIND gets an awful lot of attention (a lot more than
squid) and I expect people would complain more. I'll play with the
debugging if no-one knows here, but I thought I'd ask here first.


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