Re: Firewall & Squid & ftp ?

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 19:57:56 +0100

At 20:10 22/06/97 -0700, Bettina Getzkow wrote:
>I've got a big problem. Perhaps someone out there can help me.
>I'm running Squid 1.1.10 on a Linux machine 2.0.29. In my network there
>is a computer running as a firewall and a second where I installed
>Squid and webserver. On the firewall there runs TIS-FWTK, on the other
>computer Squid with an activ ftpget program.
>I configured Squid with the option inside_firewall.
>Now my problem:
>Http requests seem to work fine. But each time I try to setup requests
>to ftp like ftp://ftp.... an error occurs:

You should set up the firewall as a parent.

>If I switch off inside_firewall ftp works without any errors.

If ftp works for external sites, that implies your firewall isn't
firewalling!!!! You may want to check the security of your firewall.

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