Shutdown squid

From: Dean Grubb <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 17:32:38 +1100

Hi, what's the best method to shutdown/restart (HUP SIG) the squid
process from within an cgi program (like the cachemgr.cgi) I've had a
look at cachemgr.c but can't get a grip on where it happens (if it
happens)...does it pass a paramater to squid:8080 to tell it to restart
it self?...can this be done in perl...

has anyone developed a cgi program to update ACL's (turn em on of off)
then restart the cache, reason I ask is that we (being an educational
institute) have internet access denied to all our classrooms...a teacher
must book internet time...then what we do is enable the ip range for
that classroom, enabling them to have internet access...each classroom
has it's own acl entry...although we probably will be goin to virtual
lans in the near future which will allow us to do the same thing it
would be nice to have a www front end so teachers can turn a classroom
access on or off.

thanx for any help...

Dean Grubb
Northwest Institute of TAFE
Tasmania, Australia
Received on Tue Jun 24 1997 - 00:21:27 MDT

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