Re: Moving Files into the cache

From: Edwin Culp <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 08:20:18 -0500

Cord Beermann wrote:
> Hallo! Du (Arvid Stwe) hast geschrieben:
> >> > Could you please explain a little bit about wget?
> >> It's a program that allows you to download files to disk...
> >> (either with or without a cache)
> >This does the exact opposite of what I want. The files I want to copy to
> >the cache are already on my disk. I want other users of my LAN to get
> >those files via my squid without an active connection to the net.
> Due to Squids internal use of cache-files, you'd have to write
> something that moves the files in your squid and generates an
> appropriate line in the cache/log.
> I'd suggest to setup a small ftp-Server and put the files in that,
> so everone can get the files from there.
> Cord

I must be missing something here. If the files are already on your
network and assuming that they are html's, why can't you use squid
as an accelerator or have an internal apache and you can still use
wget on internal file to copy them to squid, just use your local

This may not help, because I'm not sure that I understand the question.

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