FTP Fails After Awhile

From: Bob Burton <bburton@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 20:36:14 -0400

Hi All:

I've been playing with squid the last several weeks and the learning
curve has been a little steep especially with getting the
refresh_pattern right.

Anyway, a couple of questions:

1. I've been reading on the list about DNS failures in certain time
sensitive situations; I've run into the same problem when I reduced the
number of dnsserver processes to 1. I started up another, and the
problems with DNS went away. Any comments? (Be nice)

2. When retrieving files via FTP I haven't been able to get anything
bigger than about 2 MB. I adjusted the allowed object size but it
didn't do any good. What am I missing?

Well, I just wanted to say hi and say again I love squid ~:^D

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