Re: domain names with _ problems

From: Daniel S. Riley <>
Date: 29 Jun 1997 09:02:49 -0400

alex <> writes:
> I've discovered a problem when squid (1.NOVM.11) must lookup domainnames
> with a _ (underscore) in the name. It returns with a lookup failure and
> says the name is invalid, non recoverable errors.
> When you try the domains directly it works 100% ok, so it must be squid
> causing the trouble.

The relevant RFCs apparently forbid hostnames with underscores, and
the resolver library that ships with recent versions of BIND enforces
this restriction, returning an error for any host with underscore in
the hostname. So there are two contributing factors:

1) The hostname violates a widely held interpretation
   of the RFCs.

2) Either your squid or its parents are linked with a version of the
   resolver that enforces this restriction.

The best solution would be to get the host renamed, since this problem
will become more and more widespread as people update their resolver

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