Re: Monitoring Squid with MRTG (nice graphics)

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 97 17:09:52 +0200

On Monday 30 June 97, at 16 h 53, the keyboard of Alexander Serkin
<> wrote:

> And is there an example of get_squid_uptime ?
> Actually i see stats only on file descriptors' usage. Bytes, Requests,
> DNS remains empty.

Garry Glendown gave the good explanations. (He just forgot to add that
you need the TimeDate Perl module to run it - it's in the CPAN, in

I just want to insist that I didn't intend to provide a (tar -xzvf ;
configure ; make install) package but just a few examples and pointers.
In the future, may be, since there is obviously an interest...

Motivate me :-) Send me the URLs of your cache monitors so I can do a
nice page of links toward "all the Squids of the world".
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