Re: Frequency of reboot?

From: Don Lewis <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 03:08:49 -0700

On Jul 1, 9:42am, Oskar Pearson wrote:
} Subject: Re: Frequency of reboot?
} Jeff Halper writes:
} > How often should the machine running squid be rebooted? Is there any
} > advantage/disadvantage to rebooting daily?
} Why would you want to do that!


} one of our cache machines:
} up 37 days, 57 min

One of ours (admittedly not all that busy) has been up for 89 days, 16 hours.
It would have been up longer except for a power outage that was too long
for the UPS batteries.

My philosophy is to fix the problems, not apply bandaids.

With uptimes like these, I tend not to upgrade software very often ;-)

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