Re: Monitoring Squid with MRTG (nice graphics)

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 97 12:39:01 +0200

On Tuesday 1 July 97, at 11 h 11, the keyboard of Alexander Serkin
<> wrote:

> it i have the same result - Requests and DNS pages show zero values and
> empty graphs. There is some data on Bytes page, but it seem to be too
> small and not true.

Knowing MRTG, this really looks like a rounding problem. On the Renater
national cache, we have typically less than one DNS request per second
(because of Squid's internal cache). For MRTG, this is zero. What I did
was to change get_cache_dns that way:

DNS=` awk '/Dns:/ {print $2 * 60}' $FILE`

and to change the legends in the mrtg.cfg file to display requests per
minute and not per second.

May be you have the same problem with the number of requests?

Also, check MaxBytes: MRTG ignores everything with is upper than
MaxBytes. Set it to a very large value to start.
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