Re: Monitoring Squid with MRTG (nice graphics)

From: Alexander Serkin <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 1997 11:11:26 +0400

Garry Glendown wrote:
> I checked in about that, too ... see attachment ...

Thanks, Garry. Get_squid_uptime works fine.

> > > 2. How are executing your retrieve.script and echoping. Are you doing this
> > > on a cron job ? or mrtg it do this automatically every time it is called !
> > Actually i see stats only on file descriptors' usage. Bytes, Requests,
> > DNS remains empty.
> You have to changed read.txt to the appropriate filenames as listet in
> mrtg.cfg ... that is, replace "Descr:" by the other field names and save
> under the other file names ...

Yes i did it all exactly. Here is my get_cache_dns script:

UPTIME=` awk -F: '/Uptime:/ {print $2}' $FILE`
NAME=` awk -F: '/Name:/ {print $2}' $FILE`
DNS=` awk '/Dns:/ {print $2}' $FILE`
echo $DNS
echo 0
echo $UPTIME
echo $NAME

I also thought it might be because of get_squid_uptime missing. But with
it i have the same result - Requests and DNS pages show zero values and
empty graphs. There is some data on Bytes page, but it seem to be too
small and not true.

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