Re: Monitoring Squid with MRTG (nice graphics)

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 97 14:04:51 +0200

On Monday 30 June 97, at 9 h 57, the keyboard of Anthony Baxter
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> > No. One of the problems of SNMP (besides ASN/1) is that you cannot have
> > two agents on the same machine, because there is no way to use an
> > alternative port (like in HTTP). And I need the "normal" SNMP agent which
> > runs on the machine, to monitor interface traffic, etc.
> The UCD-SNMP agent allows you to define extensions in a fairly easy manner.
> That would be a good approach here.

Yes, UCD (which I didn't know before, thanks) is a fine piece of software
and could be used as a basis. But it doesn't solve the problem. On
Digital Unix, I have a SNMP agent which implements the complete Host
Resources MIB (RFC 1514). UCD doesn't implement it. If I switch to UCD, I
will have to rewrite it.

Worse, there are many bugs in the difficult area of data retrieving (for
instance, UCD cannot dump the TCP connection table). Again, I need to
keep the Digital agent. Since I cannot run UCD at the same time, I have
to use other solutions than SNMP.

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