ERR_DNS_FAIL after Log Rotate

From: A.R. Cache Op <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997 11:25:02 +1000

        Hi there,

        For a long time I have been rotating both my proxies log files at
GMT each day, so I can then use to add the days stats up.
For the last 2 days on one proxy, as soon as the rotate finishes, the
squid's DNS just seems to pack it in.

97/07/06 10:00:36| storeRotateLog: Rotating.
97/07/06 10:00:36| stat_rotate_log: Rotating
97/07/06 10:01:16| ERR_DNS_FAIL:
97/07/06 10:01:16| ERR_DNS_FAIL:
[messages go on and on until I -TERM squid!]

        Anyone seen this ?

        A simmilar thing happened once before on this same proxy, but
never 2 days in a row after a log file rotation.

        'C' ya ...

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