Re: Aborted POST transfers?

From: Arjan de Vet <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997 21:21:25 GMT

In article <> you write:

>Anyway, when I try to download one of the smaller files, it works
>(though, sadly, squid doesn't cache it, because it's a POST request
>(what idiot came up with that idea, I don't know)).
>When I try to download one of the larger files (like od12wbk.exe)
>there is a high probability that the transfer will terminate
>prematurely. It almost looks as if it is somehow timing related
>(like a POST request shouldn't take longer than x minutes or similar).
>In the log files I cannot find *any* record or indication of the termination
>being premature.
>Is there some configvariable I need to increase?

It's the same problem I found with SSL downloads and long files. It has
been fixed in 1.1.12:

    Changes to squid-1.1.12 (July 5, 1997):

          - Added missing calls to reset socket timeouts for SSL
            and passthrough requests.

I have not tested it yet but the patch I got from Duane some days ago
looked OK.

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