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From: Wayne Salamonsen <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 17:20:42 +0800

Hi David,

>I've set up a new proxy on my network, and I'd like it
>to ask first for my primary proxy, and then fetch the
>asqued request directly.
>But the other thing I'd like toknow, is: if my secondary proxy
>fetches by its own an URL, what do I have to do to force the primary
>one to know about this new URL. Does my primary proxy have to know my
>secondary proxy as a sibling ?????

In order for your primary proxy to fetch from your secondary one,
it needs to have your secondary proxy listed as a sibling (or a parent but
this is not what you want by the sounds of things). Similarly if you want your
secondary proxy to query your primary proxy then it must have your primary
proxy set as a sibling in it's own configuration.

As long as you do not specify your primary proxy as a parent, the secondary
proxy will fetch the URL directly, if the primary proxy does not have it

Your primary proxy does not keep track of what the secondary proxy has so
there is no method to "force" it to know of the new URL. If the secondary
proxy is set as its sibling, then upon a URL request, your primary proxy
will send an ICP request to your secondary proxy to determine if it
currently has the URL stored. If so, it will fetch it directly from the
secondary proxy rather than the source itself.

>What's the best configuration scheme to make with 2 proxies ???

This is largely dependant upon your network topology and the
makeup of the individual proxies. Are they similiar in terms of
disk space, RAM, etc??? Need a few more details....


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