Re: Building a hierarchy

From: Wayne Salamonsen <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 17:58:13 +0800

At 11:27 AM 7/7/97 +0200, David Ramahefason wrote:

>Yep the two proxies have 8 Go stripped and 128Mo Ram.
>But one is on a 100 TX network and the other is on a 10Mb
>Network. The dialup network should use the 10Mb proxy,
>which should then ask for the 100 TX (sort of gateway to
>the ouside world --- HTTP/FTP speaking :))

From your previous mail I was under the impression that you wanted
both proxies to fetch directly from the web. If this is the case then
you probably want each proxy to be a sibling of each other but not
a parent.

If however you want the 10Mb proxy to be asking the 100 TX proxy
for the URL then you may be talking about a parent relationship.

In case you are not aware: a sibling cache is queried for a URL and will
serve the URL to the requesting sibling if it has the URL. If it does not
have the URL then it does nothing. A parent on the other hand, if it does
not have the URL, will request it on behalf of the calling sibling. Thus a
parent will always return you the URL in question.

From the sounds of things you probably want a sibling relationship between
both proxies. This will depend upon your traffic though. I am assuming with
similiar size caches you are expecting similiar traffic through each.

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