Re: Work Around For COmmunicator

From: Robert Andersson <>
Date: 9 Jul 1997 18:57:10 +0200

In <> (Don Rolph) writes:

>I am running Netscape communicator 4.01 and squid 1.1.11 and the cache
>seems to be working fine for me.

Are you really sure about this? I also have the problem that others
here have reported, that Netscape 4.01 adds 'Pragma: no-cache' to almost
all its HTTP request, thereby rendering squid pointless.

If you grep through the squid access.log file for IP addresses of boxes
running Communicator 4.01, aren't almost all the lines reporting
TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH/200? They are here.
Or maybe you're getting TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH/304, could it be that you
have cranked up the the MIN_AGE setting in the refresh_pattern's in
your squid.conf?

Regards, Robert.

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