From: Robert Andersson <>
Date: 9 Jul 1997 19:03:48 +0200

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>>I've noticed that Netscape Communicator seems to put "pragma no-cache" into
>>just about every fetch, causing major performance problems against popular
>>sites as it keeps flushing the objects everyone else could have had returned
>>as cache hits. I'd like to make Squid do an IMS GET for a no-cache request in

>I'd bet there's a very good chance these requests also have
>If-Modified-Since headers, so you might only need to remove the
>no-cache check.

Only if Communicator find the URL in its own cache. Most of our users
run without a disk cache in Communicator, relying completely on squid.
So Communicator only sends If-Modified-Since headers if it finds the URL
in its memory cache. It seems to always include Pragma: no-cache,
regardless of its cache settings and the contents of its disk and
memory cache. Go figure!

Regards, Robert.

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