Squid returns wrong page

From: Philip Inglesant <philip@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 18:09:47 +0100 (BST)

Please excuse me if this is a well-known thing or has been answered

Two times yesterday, Squid proxy users suddenly started getting the wrong
page in response to cache requests. Literally the wrong ones - like Squid
thought it was sending one page, but actually it was sending a different
one. Seems as though the cache index was messed up or something. Kill and
restart (RunCache restarted it automatically) "fixed" it, but it happened
again a few hours later.

This is:
Squid 1.1.11
BSDI 2.1 fully patched
128MB RAM Pentium

I have since completely cleared and re-made the cache area and it hasn't
happened again.

One thing is that two days earlier the disk with the cache_swap_log got
filled up - maybe this is the cause?

We had something similar a while ago (we were still on 1.1.9 at the time
from memory), but in that case it turned out to be a "sibling" run by
another ISP that was returning spurious pages to us, so we turned off the
sibling and it didn't happen again until now.

It's rather embarrassing since some users expecting technical computer
info got a porn page instead.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. TIA.

Philip Inglesant
Direct Connection
Received on Wed Jul 09 1997 - 10:17:24 MDT

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