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From: Peter van Empel <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 12:12:06 +0200

Your message dated: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 18:09:47 BST

 * Two times yesterday, Squid proxy users suddenly started getting the wrong
 * page in response to cache requests. Literally the wrong ones - like Squid
 * thought it was sending one page, but actually it was sending a different
 * one. Seems as though the cache index was messed up or something. Kill and
 * restart (RunCache restarted it automatically) "fixed" it, but it happened
 * again a few hours later.

I had the same problems a few weeks ago with 1.1.10, which I reported on this
list. I received some suggestions but none of them had the solution.
 I couldn't detect what the problem was. My cache died a few times a day (+/-
5 times/day) and RunCache (squid -sY) started it. The core-dumps shows buffer
overflows and in the cache.log there were lines with "Object size mismatch"

Because the problems couldn't solved quickly enough and we didn't want to be
triggered by users/visitors who see something 'strange', I installed squid on
a machine with more memory and swap-space (!). Problems are gone.

So maybe it is an idea to decrease your cache_mem and increase your
swap-space (make a swapfile and add it to your swapspace). Check your
squid-process with 'top' and cache-manager and look at its behaviour.

 * One thing is that two days earlier the disk with the cache_swap_log got
 * filled up - maybe this is the cause?

One of the responses was someone who told that this had happened when he
doubled his cache..

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