Re: cache sizes & needed ram.

From: Malcolm B.J. Garbutt <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 13:48:46 +1000 (EST)

On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, FatMan wrote:

> Hi All,
> is there any refrence to which i can work out how much memory i
> would need to run squid(physical & swap) depending on the size of the
> cache?
> i'm running a 12gb cache on a 64mb machine, and untill recently
> looking at the memory on other large caches being 2-4 times what we
> have. the cache is now 1/2 full and we are starting to experince
> various troubles from squid stalling for 10mins when requesting
> cache_object://'s to dieing of malloc errors to the system drive
> burning out.
Do a top and see how much ram is eaten by squid, I would think almost all
of it on a machine that has 64MB ram and cache size of 12G

on ours
we have 128MB ram
dropped storage to 6G
and limits @ 90%
and ours is sitting comfortably at 88MB Ram or 68.5% ram, we cat back and
are seeing how it will go, it has been up for 37 Days this time.

> if anyone can give me some advise on what to do i'd be very
> greatful, Thanks in advance.
> -Russell

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