Re: Statistics about Squid

From: Maciej Kozinski <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 13:20:56 +0200

Pedro Lineu Orso wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to convince my boss that we don't need to by a
> Netscape or Microsoft Proxy server, because Squid is great.
> Does anybody know how many people or companies are using Squid
> at the moment in the world ?
> Could you tell me why are you using Squid Proxy ?


1) It's free
2) It uses ICP which allows you to join web cache hierarchy, so:
 - you can use resources of many web cache servers instead of one (in
case you use server software which does not respect ICP)
 - you can get web resources from many alternative sources (application
level routing)
 - you don't compete for access to the source server or international
link's bandwidth with all the ICP hierarchy
 - for redundancy/scalability/reliability you can build the cluster of
squid machines (e.g. three PC's running Linux/Squid) in one LAN (on
multicast) or in different places
3) Squid is very flexible in configuration (access control lists and
refresh patterns) which allows to fit in into your environment (users
access permissions and increasing hit ratios due to users pereferences)
4) You have many free contributions to squid including redirectors,
packages for statistics/graphs
5) support is free and quiet good thanks to Duane and NLANR crew

I hope this could convince your boss, you can also show the results of
cache survey on ICM workshop on Web Caching at:

These results are good reference for Squid :-)


           Maciej Kozinski
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