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I have squid set up on a linux box, at the ISP. I want to basically
run the cache so that the localhost and the users who dial in on
ppp can utilize it, so I guess I want to set it up to proxy. I have a
problem with it tho.

Here is the access log.

869197017.518 43 localhost ERR_INVALID_URL/400 544 GET lynx - NONE/- -
869197048.972 4 localhost ERR_INVALID_URL/400 566 GET
- NONE/- -
869197072.804 37 localhost TCP_DENIED/400 443 GET support NONE/- -
869197126.512 35 localhost TCP_DENIED/400 443 GET support NONE/- -
869198058.463 41 TCP_DENIED/400 444 GET support NONE/- -
869198295.705 38 TCP_DENIED/400 444 GET support NONE/- -
869249159.590 110 localhost TCP_DENIED/400 444 GET support NONE/- -
869249179.616 30 localhost TCP_DENIED/400 442 GET support NONE/- -

I think the ports 3128/3130 need to be put into /etc/services, but I am
not sure. I also need to be able to configure it so that NS, MSIE,
and other clients can access the server.

Otherwise, it compiled and ran great. I am pretty sure that it's
working otherwise.

Now some opinion questions.
Do I need a Firewall for a proxy server to be effective?

How large does the cache really need to be ?

How much mem does the cache really need? The reason I'm asking this is
because I'd like to significally cut down on the amout of traffic that
goes out of the ISP, and use the cache instead, if and when at all

Sorry for all the stupid questions but I am rather new to being a
web admin. I'd like to think that I'm trying my best to give our
customers the best and fastest options around. Thanx for taking the
time to read this, and hope to hear from you.

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