Re: cache sizes & needed ram.

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 13:07:44 +0200


> } Keep in mind that you still need RAM to cache objects and for objects in
> } transit! It would be wise to allocate an equal amount or more just to
> } cache files. Now add on the RAM necessary to keep your OS happy...
> I think it would help immensely if squid didn't keep large in-transit
> objects in memory. I don't see any reason that it couldn't flush the
> part of the object that has already been transmitted to the client from
> memory. If the data is arriving faster than the client is reading it
It does in newer versions... basically it figures out if there
are 2 (or more) clients reading the data being fed by a remote site
and then scrubs out everything lower than what still has to be read by
an client...

The NOVM version doesn't even do this, writing the data to disk instead...

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