Re: Squid vs. NetCache

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 22:49:23 +0100

On Sun 20 Jul, 1997, Matthew Petach <mattp@Internex.NET> wrote:
>Recently, Robert Barta talked about "Re: Squid vs. NetCache", and said
>> Actually, they are offering two things:
>> - NetCache, Peter Danzig's commercialized version. We have it in
>> operation as accelerator for a medium busy server without any real
>> problems. I guess, it is not suffering from featuritis like Squid
>> sometime tends to.

I think if there's one big plus about going with something like NetCache as
opposed to using Squid, it's that a business can concentrate upon what it's
best doing - serving it's customers, and leave the expensive development work
to a large team of people that are covering their development costs across a
broader userbase. It also gives you something with "support" - which a lot of
people do want. (and the NT option means that it's something you can offer to
the most dedicated NT shop, rather than them having to run MS proxy.)

That's not to denegrate the usefulness of Squid in any way, because you can
alter it all you like if you have the development resource. Otherwise you must
wait whilst development follows other priorities.

The best thing is that both use ICP and can thus participate in cache

>I would not purchase an NFS server from Network Appliances if I were
>you. We made the mistake of buying one of their F540 boxes with
>50GB of disk for approx $70K US. It has locked up so many times
>this past week, we are regretting moving away from a sparc 20
>with DiskSuite as a fileserver. They are overpriced, unreliable,
>their support is non-existent. In short, they are one of the

This really isn't the place to be talking about NetApp's NFS filers,
there's a dedicated list for that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, I'd suggest that you've got a real hardware problem there
(the company I work for has a number of filers none of which suffer
problems like this, and a friend's company has a far larger number all
operating in production environments). If you're not getting support from
NetApp, maybe you haven't actually contacted them? Go talk to your account
manager. [If anyone really wants to continue this part of the thread, email me
and not the list.]

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