Microsoft CARP

From: Redfern Ian <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 12:43:00 +0100

Has anyone got comments on Microsoft's Cache Array Routing Protocol at
<>? Their aim
seems to be to replace ICP with a hashing function that will ensure that
only one server from a set of peers will hold a given URL. (Note that
some caches such as Hensa try to make this happen already with .pac

Their claim is that with deterministic cache selection there is no need
for any ICP traffic, and clients will be able to pick a peer cache as
easily as the peers themselves. The proxy array membership table is to
be available in plain text from a URL.

They have moved on from the discussion in
to an implementation in their next release.

Should Squid support CARP?

Ian Redfern (
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