Re: Microsoft CARP

From: Don Rolph <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 10:03:24 -0400

Wow, and if we plan our caches in exquiste detail, we can maybe eek out
a few percent of efficiency, with of course software gacefully supplied
to us by a proprietary vendor.

Teh advantages of much of the internet is that it is basically a self
organizing system. If the URL are hashed, then the hashing will be
dependent on knowing a priori the proxy structure. In the absence of
thhis apriori knowledge.....

This seems like a "real bad idea".

Redfern Ian wrote:
> Has anyone got comments on Microsoft's Cache Array Routing Protocol at
> <>? Their aim
> seems to be to replace ICP with a hashing function that will ensure that
> only one server from a set of peers will hold a given URL. (Note that
> some caches such as Hensa try to make this happen already with .pac
> files).
> Their claim is that with deterministic cache selection there is no need
> for any ICP traffic, and clients will be able to pick a peer cache as
> easily as the peers themselves. The proxy array membership table is to
> be available in plain text from a URL.
> They have moved on from the discussion in
> <>
> to an implementation in their next release.
> Should Squid support CARP?
> Ian Redfern (

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