Re: Mysterious segment violation errors...

From: Michael Pelletier <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 11:33:28 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, Matthew Petach wrote:
> You're probably running 1.1.12 or 1.1.13; if so, either fall
> back to 1.1.11 or move forward to 1.1.14, both of which don't
> seem to (at least thus far) fall prey to the same problem.

Sorry I didn't mention this -- I'm running 1.1.14 with my connection retry
patch. The funny thing is, there's no real difference in the patch from
1.1.10 to 1.1.14, and the 1.1.10+retry version was running fine and never
crashed for a couple of weeks of full-scale usage -- perhaps it's
interacting in a funny way with some other 1.1.14 mod. I've backed off to
the 1.1.10+retry version, since I can't do without the connection retry
patch unless I want a mob of angry users surrounding my desk.

Perhaps the corelessness problem comes from running a stripped binary.
I'll rebuild a 1.1.14+retry with the symbol table, and see if that
produces a core file that I can find.

        -Mike Pelletier.
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