Re: Mysterious segment violation errors...

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 21:27:25 +0100

At 11:33 24/07/97 -0400, Michael Pelletier wrote:
>Perhaps the corelessness problem comes from running a stripped binary.
>I'll rebuild a 1.1.14+retry with the symbol table, and see if that
>produces a core file that I can find.

Stripping shouldn't affect whether a core file is generated. I think this
should be in the FAQ if it isn't already, but you may need to set the limit
in the shell that starts squid.

e.g. for bash, you need to do:
ulimit -c unlimited

for csh:
limit coredumpsize unlimited

Put whichever of the above is appropriate into the script that starts
squid. Squid dumps core into the root of the cache directory I believe.

To test it, you can force squid (or another test process) to dump core by
doing kill -SEGV <pid>


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