Delay in TCP connection to parent

From: Marcus Altman <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 11:47:37 +1000

Hi all,

We're running Squid 1.1.11 on Linux 1.2.1.

Our ISP is running Squid 1.1.14 on Solaris, they are acting as our Squid

We do not have a permanent connection to our ISP, we dial-up with ppp
maybe two or three times a day, and stay on line as long as people in the
office are webbing.

The problem is that when the ppp connection is made it takes up to 5
minutes for Squid to establish a TCP connection to the parent. In
cache.log we get:

protoCantFetchObject: FD 18 No peers to query and the host is beyond your

every time we try to access the Web for up to 5 minutes, then suddenly in
the log we get:

TCP connection to succeeded

From this point on everything is fine.

This appears to happen every time the ppp link is established with our

When we use the CERN proxy to connect to our ISP we do not have this
problem, also when our ISP was using the CERN proxy our Squid proxy
worked fine (it was version 1.1.5 then). So the problem seems to be Squid
to Squid Parent on a dial-up ppp link.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. Can someone please update the README file in the next release of the
Squid source to say the you need to send 'Subscribe' in the mail subject
header to '' to get onto this mail list.

Marcus Altman
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