Optimize Config for Squid 1.1.9

From: Miles Standish Edson <gt5490a@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 22:56:00 -0400 (EDT)

        I'm currently running a Squid proxy
in a "trial" mode for the Resident's Network
at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to help
reduce off campus traffic, which we have to pay for.

        During the summer I have about 1,000
users with the proxy configured to 25mb of ram
and 415mb of hd with 16 1st level dirs 256 2nd level
dirs and 1024 ip cache with the standard high/low percents.

        In fall I will have close to 5,000
users and have already made plans to upgrade the
ram to 100mb and cache size to 4 gig. I've been
at lost to find good config data and was wondering
if this would be a sufficient and what, if any
variable changes I should make.

        Connectivity is not a problem as the machine
has 100mb dedicated connection to the switches
that go to the 48 subnets around campus. CPU is also
not a problem as the machine is a dual ppro 180 that
is more than 95% idle most of the time.

        Thanks in Advance,

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