Re: Netscape 4 ?

From: Srecko Tahirovic <>
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 16:33:49 +0200

>>Does anyone know if the direct fetch bug/problem been fixed in squid.
>>I have been testing here for some time on the new communicator with squid
>>1.1.8 and it always forces a direct fetch, does any of the news squids
>>stop this.
>Try this patch included below, and add this to your squid.conf:
> reload_into_ims on
>This patch is designed to have the following effects
> * if the request includes both 'no-cache' and 'If-Modified-Since'
> the 'no-cache' is simply ignored
> * if the request includes only 'no-cache' then Squid
> makes an 'If-Modified-Since' request out the other side.
>Duane W.

Maybe it would be good idea to add 'Cache-control: max-age=0' to such
request. It would force parent caches to actualy verify with the
source and not just return 304.

BTW: MS Explorer 4 also sends 'no-cache' on it's own (unnecessary)..
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