Re: Aceelerator + SSL

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 14:48:37 +0100

At 15:09 06/08/97 +0200, bruno pennec wrote:
>Can squid be a accelerator for https ?
>in fact, i try to have a incoming proxy for http and https.
>when i made a squid.conf for https like i made a squid.conf for
>http accelerator, it don't work.

I don't think squid can't accelerate https (I'm sure if I'm wrong, someone
will pipe up), and even if you could, it can't cache it, so there's not
much to be gained. What you should probably do is use something like the
firewall toolkit's plug-gw to connect directly from the ssl port on the
squid machine to the ssl port on the accelerated server.

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