Re: Is cache_stoplist implemented ?

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 15:01:32 +0100

At 09:10 06/08/97 -0400, Armistead, Jason wrote:
>I've got Squid 1.1.11 and am wondering WHERE the cache_stoplist function
>is implemented.

/usr/src/squid-1.1.11/src$ grep -n cache_stoplist *.[ch]
cache_cf.c:1179: else if (!strcmp(token, "cache_stoplist"))
cache_cf.c:1180: parseWordlist(&Config.cache_stoplist);
cache_cf.c:1181: else if (!strcmp(token, "cache_stoplist_pattern"))
cache_cf.c:1183: else if (!strcmp(token, "cache_stoplist_pattern/i"))
cache_cf.c:1515: wordlistDestroy(&Config.cache_stoplist);
cache_cf.h:238: wordlist *cache_stoplist;
icp.c:395: for (p = Config.cache_stoplist; p; p = p->next) {

Evidently icp.c line 395 (for squid 1.1.11) is a good place to start.

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