Re: Is cache_stoplist implemented ? Next question from me......

From: Ed Knowles <>
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 21:00:53 -0500

G'day Jason!

> Now, the question really is:
> Can I specify complete parts of URLs, e.g. http://myhost/ or
> http://myhost.mydomain/ as part of cache_stoplist ?

Just use mydomain ... I have:

cache_stoplist cgi-bin ?

> What if this information is already in the cache ?

It will stay there untill normal operation pushes it out.

> Is there a way to remove all objects with a URL matching my local servers
> the cache, and VM, selectively ?

You could PURGE them all:

but it's probbaly just as easy to wait for them to drop out of the cache.

> I presume also that cache_stoplist matches part of the full URL, not
> just the path information or the final file name i.e. it matches
> http://host/path/file.ext as well as file.ext or /path/file.ext or any
> part thereof. I changed my config, did a HUP to reload it, but still I
> find objects from my local servers in the cache.

It matches the full URL.

There is still local objects in the cache coz cache_stoplist only effects
incoming objects, not what is already there.


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