Re: Parents of Parent Proxies

From: Wayne Salamonsen <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 16:58:07 +0800 (SGT)

A bit confusing but I think I got it. :)

Each cache effectively look s after itself. That is, if a cache accepts
your ICP and http requests then you do not have to worry about how it
services your requests.

In other words, if you have a parent cache then you need not worry if it
fetches from the net direct or goes via another parent cache. This process
is invisbile to your cache. So if you are running the lower level cache
then you did not need to worry about the upper level cache configurations.
That is not your problem.

Unless of course you are runnning all of the caches in the heirarcy. Then
you are responsbile for all caches, but a cache serving a page to a child
cache need not worry if that child cache is in turn the parent of another

So no you do not need to configure your Paren't parent. :-)

I hope that helps.


> Hi,
> We have configured our Squid Proxy server as a sibling of another Proxy
> server and our Parent is currently using another Proxy server as its parent.
> Do we need to configure our Parent's Parent proxies as well as our Parent
> proxy or will a request from us to our Parent handle the requests to our
> Parent's Parent??
> P.S. Did you understand the question??
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